August 2006
Timok will be exhibiting at the Intele Card Expo at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas September 12-14, 2006. Join us at booth 627!


July 2006
Timok announces the launch of its new prepaid calling solution. Using the affordable and scalable Aculab Prosody X card, a 1U server can process up to 1,500 concurrent calls.


April 2006
Brazil's GT Group International is well into its second year of deploying Timok's wholesale carrier solution.


Timok.VoIP Softswitch

The Timok.VoIP Softswitch is a comprehensive and highly scalable VoIP platform with support for Wholesale and Retail services. The Timok platform is available either for purchase as a licensed product or for contracting as a hosted service. In addition to native support for VoIP protocols (SIP and H323), connecting to TDM customers and carriers is possible by utilizing VoIP gateways. Timok࣯st-effective Softswitch solutions have numerous built-in functionalities, including:

  • Easy Management & Control
  • Call Authorization & Authentication
  • Pre-Installed Applications, including Prepaid
  • Dynamic Call Routing
  • Fraud Control
  • Real-time Rating & Billing
  • Call Origination & Termination via VoIP and/or TDM
  • Integrated Firewall & Security
  • Web-Based Repors & Customer Service

Timok.VoIP Softswitch comes loaded on a 1U rack mount server chassis for immediate deployment on your network. Once installed, it is easily manageable through a fast, user-friendly interface that allows network administrators the easy control, administration and management of calls, routes, rates and accounts/customers. Moreover, Timok੮-memory database engine and built-in IVR capabilities enable robust prepaid functionalities at significant savings: no other third-party databases, software, hardware or licenses are needed.

Platform Scalability

Platform scalability is accomplished utilizing replication between an Administration node and Call-Processing nodes, allowing the platform to scale on demand by simply adding call-processing servers as traffic increases.

Built-in firewall means greater security.

The Timok.VoIP Softswitch is secured by an integrated firewall and provides comprehensive access control. The integrated security system operates independently of your own firewall, requiring no additional software or hardware and reducing the burden on your network administrators: you can freely change your own LAN firewall configuration without affecting the VoIP service.

Built-in IVR capability means easier administration and lower cost.

The Timok Retail Softswitch uses Prosody X high-density voice-processing boards from Aculab, a leader in the hardware industry. These combined systems allow up to 1,500 concurrent calls per 1U server.

Additional Features:

For a complete list of features, please download our Timok VoIP Softswitch Brochure in PDF format.

Compatibility with both VoIP and TDM carriers/systems

Timok strives to maximize compatability of its systems, seeking to be a feasible solution to a wide variety of both VoIP-based and TDM carriers. Timok systems are both H.323 and SIP compliant. If using a gateway (e.g., Cisco), you can connect Timok systems to TDM networks as well, as depicted in the diagram below: - Who denied that the contribution to the whole movement of the Swiss watch industry. From design to production, quality control, the whole process control everything in good and well arranged. Not only is the largest supplier of Swiss watch movement today, also let many small brands had the power to survive. So when Baorui table founder old best replica watches says to stop foreign sales of ETA machine, the whole world is probably at least world was shaken up. If you are still in the tag heuer replica watches movement or replica tag heuer watches design debate over is because you do not know many famous watch brand, originally from among the two largest watch group, are all have all kinds of connections with contact.

VOIP Flowchart
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